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  • Creative Retreat with Amy Parrish
    Posted on February 9, 2017 by Sandy Weisman
    February 9, 2017

    One of the most satisfying parts of 26 Split Rock Cove is getting to know the artists and writers who come to stay and work here. This is surely the case with Amy Parrish, photographer and mixed media artist, who is in residence here this winter and has become a good friend.

    Amy worked as an award-winning portrait photographer and traveled the United States teaching other professionals within the industry. In 2014 she shifted her focus from commercial work to very personal, hand-processed image-making. She studied alternative photo processes with Brenton Hamilton at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME, which is how she came to find me at 26 Split Rock Cove two winters ago. So I was delighted to hear that she wanted to return this winter after an amazing year in India where she served as Director of Operations and instructor for The Light Space, a program which offers vocational training in photography for young women who have been affected by the commercialized sex trade.

    Now I’m pleased to announce that Amy is offering a series of workshops entitled Coastal Retreat from April 19 – 25. You may sign up for one workshop, two workshops or all three! The first workshop, April 19 & 20, is a photographic adventuring out into the landscapes of this region of Maine, capturing some of the magical, mystical scenes that those of us who live here, call home. The early morning mists over the bays and ports, the glorious sun rises over the islands in Mussel Ridge Cove, and the rocky shorelines of our peninsula. The second workshop, April 21 – 23, introduces us how to alternative photographic processes, and we’ll use our images in a variety of ways. And the last workshop, April 24 & 25, of the week is a creative retreat, in which participants can continue their work, or work with Amy in creating portraits in her style and using her immense knowledge of the camera and its possibilities.

    Come join us at 26 Split Rock Cove for any or all of the week’s inspiring workshops with Amy Parrish. Make this a retreat of your own!!

    For more information or to sign up go to Workshops on this website or contact Amy at or Sandy at or call Sandy at 207-596-7624



  • iPhone / iPad Artistry Workshop
    Posted on January 17, 2015 by Sandy Weisman
    Well, I don’t know about you, but I have loads of pictures on my iPhone, and though mine are pretty well organized, I haven’t really spent time editing, and making the best of my images. And now comes along one of our own local photographers Roberta Bauman, with a workshop entitled iPhone / iPad Artistry. As Roberta says, “This is your opportunity to discover the power, fun, and stunning output that’s possible from your iPhone!”

    On March 29, 2015 Roberta Bauman will conduct a full day workshop for up to 10 students. Here’s the description – be sure to register on the 26 Split Rock Cove  website at Workshops!

    The best camera for taking photos is the one that you always have with you. Lurking inside your iPhone is one of the most inspiring, capable, and fun imaging systems in all of photography.  More than just a snapshot device, your iPhone is a powerful creative tool for making art, right in the palm of your hand. You now have both camera and darkroom in your pocket.  Photographing with a mobile device adds a level of convenience, flexibility, and spontaneity to the photographic process.

    This one-day class will provide a solid introduction to using the iPhone/iPad as a creative tool for editing photos.  Information about preparation of your device for this workshop, as well as needed apps, will be provided to registered participants so that they may be downloaded in time for the first class.

  • Our first workshop for 2015
    Posted on January 12, 2015 by Sandy Weisman
    Even though it’s only January 12, it definitely feels like we’ve turned the corner on winter. The sky is a little lighter around 5 pm, Ground Hog Day is just a few weeks away, and I’m organizing and planning new workshops for the later winter, spring and summer.   I, like many other artists here in Maine, find winter to be a good time to get new ideas going.  So in addition to spending time in my studio, I’ll be highlighting our upcoming workshops and artists over the next few weeks.

    26 Split Rock Cove has had so many terrific artists staying in the retreat space, working on new ideas, and new bodies of work, it seems natural that some artists might want to teach a workshop here or there.

    Photographer Amy Parrish, who will be in residence here during the months of February and March will be offering a 3 day retreat, March 13 – 15, entitled Creative Haven: Alternative Photo and Printmaking Processes.   In this workshop artists will explore a range of alternative printmaking and presentation techniques to add to their repertoire (encaustic, image transfers, textile printing, and more). This intimate retreat will be limited in size to allow for lots of flexibility so that participants may individually choose to sample a wide variety of methods or primarily focus on a specific technique to begin building a cohesive collection of work. The workshop includes early morning photo hikes, class time to cover the “how to’s”, and plenty of studio time. Please check out Workshops page of this website for more details, and information about Amy. Or you may contact Amy directly at