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  • 4th Poetry of Place Workshop – October 21 – 23, 2016
    Posted on August 24, 2016 by Sandy Weisman
    Our Poetry of Place fall weekends here at 26 Split Rock Cove are now an institution!  Barbara Helfgott Hyett has created an inspiring blend of generative writing, free writing, observation and experiential writing exercises, all leading to our goal of finished poems.  We read poems of other Maine poets, past and present.  Add in a fun opening night dinner, breakfasts together, and free time to explore the coast, or visit a museum in Rockland, and a final poetry reading on Sunday afternoon – and there you have it – a real treat for poets of all skill levels.

    Some of the poems that come out of this workshop have been published.  Poetry of Place focuses on the place we happen to be – here on the Mussel Ridge Cove of Maine in Southern Penobscot Bay, but also metaphorically the place we’re each in.  And we discover that place through our writing and discussing of poems.  By Sunday morning we become a tribe of poets and work hard to craft our ideas, consider more formal issues like meter, line and stanza breaks, and other poetic devices.

    If you haven’t worked with Barbara Helfgott Hyett before, please give it a try.  For those of us who have, we know we will come away from this weekend with a poem, and a process for more work based on the Poetry of Place.

    For more information or to sign up, check out Workshops on this website or call Sandy at 207-596-7624.

  • A Poet’s Way
    Posted on April 22, 2015 by Sandy Weisman
    I am so happy to have my friend and poetry mentor, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, return to 26 Split Rock Cove for a one-day workshop – A Poet’s Way: A day of immersion in the poetic process.

    I could write many accolades and reiterate her resume – instead I encourage those interested to visit her website to see the extensive teaching Barbara has done in the Boston area and beyond.   Whether teaching school aged children, her workshop and college students, or the seniors at a local senior living community, Barbara pursues the rigors of a well-crafted poem and the flight of imaginative language.   She has mentored many, many poets toward publishing their work, and their books.

    Barbara has published five books of poems and is currently working on her sixth. Her books include: In Evidence: Poems of the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps (1986), based on interviews with U.S. GI’s; Natural Law (1989) which includes poems about the history of Atlantic City, and was the first in the Salt River poetry series; The Double Reckoning of Christopher Columbus: 3 August-12 October 1492: Poems (1992), an epic poem about the 1492 voyage of the Columbian expedition; The Tracks We Leave: Poems on Endangered Wildlife of North America (1996) and Rift (2008), both widely reviewed.

    The day will be thrilling, I know, and I look forward to many more. We have a terrific group of participants already. Can’t wait!



  • Artist Spotlight: Barbara Helfgott Hyett
    Posted on October 30, 2013 by Sandy Weisman
    Many of us have come to know Barbara Helfgott Hyett over the years and from many different circumstances. Since 1984, and (some of us have know Barbara that long!), she has led the Workshop for Publishing Poets, bringing over 130 new books of poetry into existence. Barbara has taught at Boston area colleges including Boston University, Harvard, and Lasell, as well as leading workshops in many, many other schools and organizations.

    Our weekend here at 26 Split Rock Cove was as rich as one can expect every other workshop with Barbara to be. We read other poets – Edna St. Vincent Millay to Dylan Thomas to Mary Oliver – looking for clues about language and meter and syntax. We generate our own material through free writes, observation, writing exercises, lists, and the now-famous glue-job. We bring our baby, new formed poems to workshop, leaving with a few lines we think can be salvaged into something more. We revise, we craft, we work hard to make it into poetry.

    This was the weekend – Poetry of Place:26 Split Rock Cove. We’ll do it again next year. In the meantime, look for Barbara’s books on, or check out PoemWorks for more workshops, events, and private consultation. October at 26 Split Rock Cove – a terrific time to write poetry!

  • Poetry of Place: Artist Spotlight – Alexis Ivy
    Posted on October 28, 2013 by Sandy Weisman
    Alexis Ivy was one of 10 poets here at 26 Split Rock Cove for the second Poetry of Place weekend. Alexis has been a member of Poemworks: the workshop for publishing poets in Boston for a number of years. and has most recently published a book of poems entitled Romance With Small-Time Crooks. Of this book poet Richard Hoffman says, “These are the poems of a survivor who sheds her delusions, poem by poem, as she investigates her life with honesty and courage …”

    Alexis’ unique voice is always a great addition to classes and workshops. We were fortunate to have her here. Look for her on Facebook, and look for her book at

    Poemworks is directed by Boston poet, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, who was here to teach and bring 10 new poems into fruition over the weekend. She is the author of 5 books of poetry, and has been published in countless journals and anthologies. Look for Barbara at or on Facebook at Poemworks – The Workshop for Publishing Poets.