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Posted on August 22, 2013 by Sandy Weisman
I’m delighted about the fall offerings here at 26 Split Rock Cove. The summer encaustic workshop was so successful it prompted the following testimonial from Gayle Rosen, one of the participants:

My first workshop and visit to 26 Split Rock Cove was nothing less than artistically transformational. It doesn’t matter what your medium is, this special place is an artist’s dream. Completely free from everyday distractions, it can inspire both the contemplative mind and the freedom to let your creative juices run wild.

As a digital visual artist for many years, I have been looking for an opportunity to unplug creatively. So, I dove right in for the Encaustic 3 day workshop offered at the end of July. The skill level in this small class of six 6 students, ranged from established artists to first timers. In between exciting demonstrations, the two instructors were extremely patient, as they provided personalized support for each one of us. The open setup of the studio space also allowed for artists to easily share new discoveries and latest creations with each other. As much as we didn’t really want to stop for lunch, sitting out on the stone patio while facing picture perfect rolling hills that end in a water view, wasn’t so bad! Sometimes destinations do not live up to their internet photos, but 26 Split Rock Cove exceeded every expectation

Gayle, along with 5 others, produced beautiful and unique work. September 12 and 13, Otty Merrill will teach an intermediate workshop in Encaustic Painting. Please check it out if you would like to increase your skill level, and have a great time doing it. On September 19, 20, and 21, Otty will repeat the Basic Encaustic Painting Workshop 1-2-3. You may sign up for one, two, or all three days

To sign up, just go to the Workshop page on this website. I’ll look forward to seeing you here!

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