Encaustics 1-2-3!!

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Sandy Weisman
Another wonderful encaustic painting workshop here at 26 Split Rock Cove.

Otty Merrill has perfected her enthusiastic presentation and passion for encaustics with gentle encouragement and knowledgeable problem-solving. The three day workshop is intended for students who might have other art mediums they work with, but have little or no experience with encaustics. And we all get seduced by the luminous quality of the wax, the process of layering, embedding other imagery or objects, and scraping, incising, and transferring images onto wax.

The first morning is spent preparing our panels and boards, demonstrations from Otty, talking through the possibilities in front of us. Then several hours of experimenting.

In the midst of snow storms and difficult travel – students left the workshop with possibilities and ideas to pursue, and a whole new body of work!

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