A Poet’s Way

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Sandy Weisman
I am so happy to have my friend and poetry mentor, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, return to 26 Split Rock Cove for a one-day workshop – A Poet’s Way: A day of immersion in the poetic process.

I could write many accolades and reiterate her resume – instead I encourage those interested to visit her website www.poemworks.com to see the extensive teaching Barbara has done in the Boston area and beyond.   Whether teaching school aged children, her workshop and college students, or the seniors at a local senior living community, Barbara pursues the rigors of a well-crafted poem and the flight of imaginative language.   She has mentored many, many poets toward publishing their work, and their books.

Barbara has published five books of poems and is currently working on her sixth. Her books include: In Evidence: Poems of the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps (1986), based on interviews with U.S. GI’s; Natural Law (1989) which includes poems about the history of Atlantic City, and was the first in the Salt River poetry series; The Double Reckoning of Christopher Columbus: 3 August-12 October 1492: Poems (1992), an epic poem about the 1492 voyage of the Columbian expedition; The Tracks We Leave: Poems on Endangered Wildlife of North America (1996) and Rift (2008), both widely reviewed.

The day will be thrilling, I know, and I look forward to many more. We have a terrific group of participants already. Can’t wait!



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